Your Ultimate Personal Training Program for Women in Chesapeake & Virginia Beach


The Hampton Roads Boot Camp is a revolution in boot camp and Hampton Roads Personal Training philosophy.

Guess What!?!

No yelling! No fatigues!”

With your optimal results in the front our minds, we focus on everything that works in a fitness boot camp, and we’ve scrapped the rest. Our philosophy of positive reinforcement and support will propel you to your goals. The Chesapeake & Virginia Beach Boot Camp is a place were you feel comfortable get 100% encouragement, build friendship and have fun.

You will achieve results…

Your 60 minute class will zip by as you maximize your results with our special blend of always-changing workouts. You will enjoy new and exciting routines, and obtain priceless fitness and weight loss knowledge. Our basic methodology includes muscle toning, aerobic exercise, strength training, agility drills, flexibility improvement and lots of fun! Regardless of your fitness level you will be challenged to push the limits of your own pace.

Camp is held outside in fresh air, clear skies and mystical Mother Nature each and every morning in a positive and friendly atmosphere. When mother nature doesn’t cooperate we have indoor locations for each camp.

Our goal is to see you meet yours…

At the Hampton Roads Boot Camps our goal is to:

• Hold you accountable
• Sky rocket your motivation
• Jump start your weight loss
• Firm your buns and thighs
• Flatten your stomach
• Reduce your body fat
• Increase your strength and stamina
• And much, much more!

As you lose fat and tone muscles, you’ll drop inches and increase strength—all while looking and feeling better than ever! You will also meet fun people who share your goals for gaining a healthier mind and body.

What you can expect…

The short answer is this: Expect results and fun!

You can also expect:

1. 60 minutes of body sculpting Virginia Beach & Chesapeake boot camp fun, 5 days a week
2. Real results every 30 days:
• 3-6% reduction in body fat
• 5-10 pounds of weight loss
• 2-3 inch decrease from waist
• Improved endurance
• Increased strength
• Improved posture
• Enhanced relaxation
• 100% gain in self confidence